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School Announcements provides SMS text message and E-mail alerts to school students, parents, and staff.  The messaging system can be used for weather alerts, school delays, early-outs, emergencies, reminders, and so on.  Weather can unexpectedly turn at any given moment so being able to alert your school students, parents and staff is essential.  The school announcements can be custom tailored based on who you want to contact about a topic with just one click. School announcements can even be used to contact your local radio and broadcast stations about school closings saving you even more time.



  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Peace of Mind
  • User-Friendly


You can start using the school announcements SMS text and E-mail system in 3 easy steps.

  • Activate the account
  • Have users sign-up for notifications
  • Start sending out messages


At School Announcements we won’t charge credits per text message or E-mail; we have one flat rate that you will pay with no monthly restrictions on the volume of weather, emergency, or any other announcement that you need to send out.


For more information about pricing and any question you may have go to the contact page and we will reply in a timely manner.


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